protects against
is a cloud-based system from Austria
End-to-end protective DNS shield
DNS filtering even before network penetration. Protection in front of firewall - for all IP-based clients.
Precise domain assessment
Uses artificial intelligence as well as predictive and evolutionary algorithms.
Transparent processing
Only blocked items are logged and displayed in the dashboard for 30 days.
Zero Day Prevention
Predictive and self-learning protection in the areas of malware and command and control traffic.
No signatures or blacklists
All scans are performed in real-time.
100% GDPR-compliant
No documentation or processing of data.
Additive layer of protection. Can co-exist with current security solutions.
Protects against known and unknown threats across all Ports & Protocols.
Always on real-time protection.
Unified Single Pane of Glass Management.
Seamless integration with mobile devices.
Enterprise-wide deployment in minutes.

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